Book and Recipe Exchange Instructions

1. Choose a book, used or new, that you think someone would enjoy reading. This can be a church book, children's book, funny book, etc...
2. Wrap the book and bring it with you that night. We do a book exchange like a white elephant gift exchange.
3. Choose 5 of your favorite recipes. These can be breakfast, punch, appetizer, desserts, dips, etc...
4. Type up those 5 recipes. Please put your name and phone number on each page. Try to fit the recipes on as few of pages as possible. (they can be front and back)
5. Make 40 copies of the 5 recipes. Please make 40! You need to bring recipes to benefit from this exchange.
6. Choose 1 of the recipes to make and share with the group that night.

You will be arriving with a wrapped book, 40 copies of your 5 favorite recipes and a yummy dish to share with the group. If you are unable to come that night, you can still participate. Bring the recipe copies to me before the event. You can also participate in the book exchange without coming. Just get it to me before the event.